W5 Creativity

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Mandatory Materials

The mandatory materials for this week need to be watched, listened to and read in preparation for the seminar.

Enriching Materials

Besides the mandatory materials, we would like to show you some other items that are a great source of inspiration. These are not mandatory for the course, but still worth checking out!



Fran Chuan. (n.d.). IDEO Shopping Cart Project [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6EgoiPxNDs

Wegcdiniz. (2012, September 14). Fallingwater Design – Frank Lloyd Wright [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/1zv0OURacqk

Kirby Ferguson. (2011, June 11). Everything is a Remix Part 3 [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/wq5D43qAsVg



Silicon Valley Historical Association. (2011, October 11). Steve Jobs Secrets of Life [Video]. Youtube. https://youtu.be/kYfNvmF0Bqw


Tips ?

If you have an interesting article, podcast, video, or another material that fits this topic, let us know below! We’ll check it out and maybe add it to the page.

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